Monday, October 19, 2009

Massive campaign

I was gathering some of the resources I found for the campaign (I'm using a lot of prefabs I've found on NWNVault for this) and it currently weighs in at just under 900MB uncompressed; this does include all of the haks for the campaign as well. It curently has 5 modules in it; the prologue images that you have already seen are just a small fraction of the current total content, and I still have two to three modules to build from scratch. I may also end up using the Overland Map, since there is now a decent set of maps of Faerun available as an Overland map system.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Prologue update

I'm back to working on the campaign; it looks like patch 1.23 ate a bunch of things, so I may need to recreate some stuff that I had done.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Snippet: Life without a friend

"I knew it the moment I laid eyes on her when she came stumbling out of the Crypt in Crossroad Keep. Something scary, but wonderful, was happening and even though I wanted her to stay with us until death claimed me, I knew in my heart that there was a wonderful destiny awaiting her and she couldn't give it up for a mere dwarf. We gathered at her call, even the funny looking guy that claimed he was a dreamwalker, and we set off on a wonderful adventure; that time with her was some of the most wonderful traveling that we ever did. To see her ascend like that, after seeing her take on a great weight that would have killed a lesser mortal, is the only thing that keeps me going some mornings."

Khelgar Ironfist's "Memories of Friends Lost", stored at Candlekeep.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Snippet: Who could have known?

"Looking back, it's a wonder that none of us saw this coming; the signs were there, but even the best of Mystra's Chosen didn't see it. It took a little known member of Lord Nasher's Neverwinter Nine to see the threat and attempt to do something about it; even now, the fallout from the clash of titans is held in check by the one that took on Mystra's mantle to save us all."

Khelban Arunsen the Younger, in his memoir "The Year of Fallen Magic".

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

A taste of the introduction

The following is an excerpt from the introduction to Dreams of Blue Fire; this will be played much like the introduction to the Mask of the Betrayer expansion, though likely without a voice-over.

"The year is 1385 by the method of the Dales. Unknown to many, two worlds are coming into alignment after a time of separation; Abeir and Toril periodically have alignments, but none have brought them this close before.

Abeir and Toril were separated long ago by Ao, ending a great war between the Gods and the Primordials. The Gods were given Toril; The Primordials received Abeir. Those who have been born since know only the worlds of their birth.

Plots have been hatched by greedy beings to take that which is not theirs; only Ao knows what may happen if they are allowed to get away with this."

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

As promised, I have added some pictures from the prologue; I have others, but I don't wish to spoil things too much.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Good news, of sorts; I've gotten a preliminary version of Crossroad Keep that I like ready, and am in the process of populating it with NPCs. I will be posting screenshots of the Keep and the small town nearby shortly. I also have a story writer working with me to make the story better. While the campaign will still require Storm of Zehir, I have decided to forgo using the Overland Map; not enough of the story happens on it to make the development worthwhile.